hey sweet friends

im sarah

I'm a talker, a laugher, and a creative enthusiast. I've spent most of my 25 years of life chasing dreams and hobbies and really all things that bring joy to my life. I've dipped my toes in just about everything, fashion design, wedding/event planning, cosmetology, interior design, and as you're witnessing now, photography! Something about expressing yourself within a creative atmosphere that just gets my blood pumping! Photography excites me in a different way than all the rest. Capturing raw, authentic, candid moments for others really brings a sense of warmth and joy to me. My mother always said, "Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life."
Aside from photography, my life revolves around my family! My husband, our one year old son, and our two pups have created a nice little life here in San Diego! We enjoy game nights with our friends, finding new unique restaurants to eat at, hiking the trails, a good BBQ, and binge watching good netflix drama! During the summer you can most certainly find me at the beach or on the water! I feel the most at peace when I can hear the waves crashing.

photo by: beba vowels